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Ancient societies

Ancient societies

Posted by Silver Forte on Mar 9th 2018

History is often a reflective mirror of our present. The past often shines a light on behaviors and styles in the now, history is prone to repeat itself. This is especially true in the world of fashion and jewelry, where styles are inevitably linked to the societies of the past and what they represent. Perhaps ancient Egyptian, with their hallmark of tradition, their state of being the beginning of modern civilized society, or the grandeur with which they commemorated dead rulers. Ancient Greece was responsible for much of current western philosophies and principles, and perhaps marked the beginning of democratic structures as we know them. Ancient Rome had roads and aqueducts, forming much of modern societies infrastructure and ideas.

Then there is the fashion of the times. Inevitably grand due to our fascination with the elites, gold would be popular, as well as the mimicry of natural elements, incorporating strong and fundamental beliefs in pieces of intimate accessory.

And the principles remain the same - jewelry still marks our beliefs and identities. We have become more understated but gold can still have their impact and symbolism is growing again in strength, particularly with reverence to the natural world around us.