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Fashion as a Time Capsule

Fashion as a Time Capsule

Posted by Silver Forte on Mar 9th 2018

What do the clothes you wear say about you? Are you dreaming of the past or transfixed with the future? Are you down to earth or head in the clouds?

Fashion styles and trends, from the statements we make to the jewelry we adorn, all have something to say not only of the time, but of us as people.
In a post-modern world, a popular notion suggests that there is nothing new; we look to the past for inspiration, to perhaps capture a fleeting glimpse of a photographic heaven we’ve contextualized as perfect.
Perhaps we drape silk over our bodies, tie bows across our necks, wrap pearls around our throats. Are you the 1920s decadent darling, the 1950s polka dot princess, the 1980s hair metal heroine?
It’s an image, a feeling. The ringing of jazz and the swigging of moonshine we feel as we sculpt the art deco warrior within us. Is it that feeling of taboo so laced in such a society that makes us feel so thrilled?
When lips were red and the smiles were wide, is it the innocence of a post-world war II optimism that we so cherish, or perhaps wish to invoke?

Fashion is a time capsule, and the treasures we keep speak to our inner being.