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How Men Wear Bracelets

How Men Wear Bracelets

Posted by Silver Forte on Mar 9th 2018

Bracelets are a fundamental part of jewelry, but what is often not explored are the ways in which a man may choose to wear a bracelet. With a lot of jewelry, there seems to be a difference between those who seek minimalist expressions and those who want bold, loud, eye-catching adornments. 

For men, the former is most likely the best choice. For men, who may pair it with a long sleeve shirt, bracelets are often only seen in a flash, something in the corner of your peers eyes that is almost not consciously registered, but adds a significant sophistication to the outfit as a whole.
Sleeves may have to be shortened, the fit of a shirt may have to be carefully analysed. What a man must seek is a sense of balance in his outfit, not the clanging, oversized bracelet that draws attention through over-flamboyance, but an understated addition. Not something that fades into nothingness and gives the impression that all other articles follow suit.
Find the balance, and a man’s bracelet choice will become clear.