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​Jewelry and Family

​Jewelry and Family

Posted by Silver Forte on Mar 9th 2018

Jewelry is often renowned as a staple gift. Marketed as a girl’s best friend, often exploited for it’s inherent sentimentality, jewelry has become the go to gift for much of western society. But are we as much of a throwaway society as this would have us appear?

While that gifting practices have increased throughout history (think of modern day gifting days such as Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s/Mother’s day etc.), the value, on an internal level, of jewelry appears to have dropped. Sentiments are unlikely to have changed, but the significance of jewelry appears to have diminished.

Of course, older societies with strong family ties ingrained in the culture are great examples of the uniting power of jewelry. Evidenced in much of Europe, jewelry is often passed down through generations, to the point that the jewelry becomes not just a part of the person’s identity, but a statement of their family origin.

And this is something lost in the consumerist realm jewelry is currently locked in. The quality of jewelry inevitably suffers with the rise in demand, also diminishing longevity. With this in mind, it’s unlikely someone would maintain and pass on jewelry.

Can we regain the inherent sentimental value of jewelry?