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Enjoyable experience to wear

Enjoyable experience to wear

Posted by Silver Forte on Mar 9th 2018

Jewelry, while very much an enjoyable experience to wear, is primarily a voyeuristic experience for both the wearer and the viewer of such pieces who my come into contact with the wearer. It is voyeuristic in the sense that this is an accessory, designed to accentuate or bring clarity and additional aesthetic influence to an outfit or person’s presentation.

It is the routine, the incredibly intimate moment of trying on jewelry, of looking in the mirror and seeing a new form, of measuring up the image reflecting back and meditating on how the jewelry influences the image in the mirror.

This is voyeurism at it’s finest, something perhaps inherent to humans. It is the love of looking, the love of seeing something anew, in a new perspective, with new presentations. And this is an evolving phenomenon. Whether seeking a statement piece which draws the eye, or looking for more subtle additions that can embellish an outfit, the relationship between the physical structure of jewelry and the voyeuristic interpretation is an ever evolving phenomenon and one of the most exciting challenges for jewelry designers moving into the future.