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How important is silver in the health care industry?

How important is silver in the health care industry?

Posted by Silver Forte on May 8th 2018

In the modern health care industry silver has become a valued form of medication for lots of things. Whether it is creams or for dental care, we have composed a list of the 14 medical uses of silver in the modern world. 

1. Used for burn cream – Silver sulfadiazine can be used to treat burns. The tropical cream can also prevent infectious bacteria. 

2. For treating corns and warts - The treating of warts with silver is usually done through caustic pencils. These contain silver nitrate which is created after the reaction of silver and nitric acid. 

3. Preventing urinary infections – Foley catheters made out of silver are utilized in urology in order to prevent infections from catheter use. Covalen, a Canadian medical company name this product as one of technologies that save lives. 

4. Radiology – Although silver is not used so much in x-rays nowadays, in third world countries the silver choice is still very widespread. However, it is used as a receptor for images in some good quality x-rays. 

5. Dressings and bandages – In bandages silver is utilized to prevent infections from spreading. For small cuts silver gels can be used to prevent infection. 

6. Prosthesis and implants – Silver is becoming more and more used in prosthesis such as knee implants to prevent infection from the procedure. 

7. Conjunctivitis – To prevent pink eye in new-born babies silver nitrate drops are being put into their eye, however , this is slowly switching to antibiotics. 

8. Cavity prevention – Cavities can be stopped using silver diamine fluoride. 

9. Silver sutures and needles – Silver is utilized by surgeons in order to cover up wounds safely without causing an infection. 

10. Coatings with silver bearings – Hip joint implants, for example, use silver in order to prevent, once again, infection but also, the self-lubricating feature of silver is also a good use for hip implants. 

11. Teeth fillings – Dental fillings aren’t only made up of silver but also mercury, tin and copper so it comes off as a silver colour. 

12. Silver ions in space – NASA use silver ions in water as a replacement for chlorine in space. This is because the silver and copper ions were found to kill off lots of bacteria such as E.coli and it is even used in the International Space Station 

13. Tap water hospital filter – Silver layer membrane has been tested and it purifies water in hospitals. It is found to prevent the disease of Legionnaire and also stain microbes. 

14. Third world countries purification of water – In developing countries colloidal silver is helping kill bacteria and more importantly, deadly pathogens in water. The treating of ceramic water taps and filters shows that silver would be a fantastic item to have on a getaway island. 

Conclusion It is clear from this list that silver is one of the most important elements used in the world, not only health care as it is helping cleanse water in those countries who are poorer off. Silver helps prevent most infections and it will be essential soon as we start running out of antibiotics.