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How to Sell Jewelry in Your Retail Store

How to Sell Jewelry in Your Retail Store

Posted by Silver Forte on Mar 9th 2018

The jewelry industry has been around for thousands of years, with people beginning to wear jewelry to represent their social identity or their culture.

In this modern day and age, the market for jewelry is larger than ever, with its worldwide value estimated to be worth approximately $ 140 billion.

However, due to the rapid growth of Internet shopping, physical retail stores need to make an extra effort to improve their jewelry sales—and we will discuss exactly how to do that.

Learn what there is a market for

Making a sale is all about catering to what the customer wants, which is why you need to begin by extensively researching what there is a market for in the jewelry industry. Look up the current trends in jewelry, and check on the types of products that are in the highest demand.

Once you have figured this out, you can focus on advertising and display the products that are most marketable to gain more customers. This brings us to the next tip.


It is a given that any retail store needs to invest in some advertisement methods, as this is going to be the primary way by which your shop and your products will get noticed. Billboards and ads in magazines are good ways of advertising, but with the rise in the use of social media in recent years, the most effective way to advertise is via the Internet.

Create a social media page for your shop, and on this page promote images of products that your store sells, focusing on the types of items that are trending the most.

In addition to the products themselves, you can inform viewers about special offers or sales that your store may be holding, causing them to come to your shop.

Cater to each customer

Each customer that enters the shop is probably looking for something specific, be it a birthday present, a ring for his or her partner, etc. You need to be attentive to what people are looking for, and make them the relevant recommendations.

Do not begin giving them a speech about the numerical details of each item—this will only bore the customers. Instead, focus on conveying the visual appeal of the jewelry in a warm and inviting manner.

Improve the store’s look

Aesthetics have a lot to do with unconsciously drawing customers in, so make sure that the shop has a well put-together interior that caters to the demographic that your shop attracts.

A helpful tip is to keep the counters in which jewelry is displayed at a level that makes it easy for customers to view the pieces without having to lean up or bend down. Additionally, the lighting should be bright enough to reflect off of the jewelry and give it a more lustrous look. LED lighting, in particular, is a popular choice, as well as halogen lamps.

With these tips in mind, any jewelry retailer will instantly amp up sales.