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Jewelry and the self

Jewelry and the self

Posted by Silver Forte on Mar 9th 2018

Jewelry is undoubtedly personal. Something we place with such intimacy to our personal appearance inevitably carries much of the seething personality we have within us.

It is that intimate look we give to the mirror as we set out for the day - or the night.
There is so much of our values, our beliefs, our pride and honor, our youth and our present and our hopes for the future, held in that little accessory we use to complete our appearance.
Anthropologists, looking at the timeline of human history, can use jewelry to map behaviors, thoughts, prominent ideals. Such work is evidence of the value placed in jewelry in revealing intimate details of one’s personality.
This is often a purely subconscious phenomenon. And in this sense, the purchase and use of jewelry is often therapeutic. They reveal to us what perhaps we feel we’ve been missing.
Understanding of the self is one of the most fulfilling experiences a human can encounter, and much of the self remains a mystery, a puzzle. Much of the thrill of life stems from piecing together the puzzle. Jewelry can often provide a new piece, so that things become a little clearer, and we gain new confidence in who we are.